Article on Einstein’s theory of gravity obvious or logical?

Since the big-bang, Our universe has been continuously expanding inspite of this observation, the scientific community was sure this continuous expansion would eventually slow down due to gravity pulls on all forms of matter and the universe consists of matter hence, it was logical that gravity would slow down. The expansion of the universe the advent of the hobble space telescope however, has led to revelation of new data and the observation made using this data are diametrically opposite to the scientific community previously held logical conclusion the evidence indicates that the universe is expanding at an accelerated pace in the presence of gravity rather than slowing down scientists now believe that the answer to this expansion may lie in the examination of dark energy though scientists have name for the problem virtually nothing is known about dark energy except that 68% of the universe is made up of it, some scientists also proved that the only way to explain dark energy would be to assume that Einstein’s theory of gravity is incorrect that would not only effect our understanding of expanding universe but also the behavior of normal matters in galaxies and cluster of galaxies.

Rational thinking on falsification theory when nature geppts more complex.

By:- Zainab Aleem IX – A (E/M).

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