Extracurricular activities to enlighten the student's Knowledge

Throughout the year:

School activities:

Quiz Competition:

  • We conduct quiz competitions by assigning the topic to illuminate the student’s knowledge.

Topics of the Year:

  1. General Knowledge

  2. Literary Competition

  3. Painting Competition

  4. Drawing Competition

  5. Karatay Competition

  6. Sports Week

  7. Seerat-un-Nabi(SAWS) Week

  8. Seerat-e-Sahabiyat Week

  9. Seerat-e-Sahabi Week

  10. Ramadhan

  11. Salaah Week





Assembly activity

         Every day we have assembly activity. It starts with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic and then its translation in English & Urdu. Every class gets a chance to participate and to express their thoughts or abilities.

The program includes Short moral stories, quizzes, own written poems, Rhymes, Naath, Tarana, etc, with which students develop their speaking vocabulary, creativity. The foundation of our work is an individualized and personalized approach to learning. We place a high priority on learning, how to learn, and developing critical thinking skills, preparing the students for the challenges of the 21st century.




Literary Competition

          Our school is leaves that Literary Competition in a strict sense is the systematic study of the nature of literature and of the methods for analyzing intellectual history, moral philosophy, social prophecy, and other interdisciplinary themes that are of relevance to the way humans interpret meaning. With this motive, we conduct the literary competition and we find that the students rich in our imagination.  







Drawing & Painting Competition

        We believe that Art is the product or process of arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions, and intellect. To develop this in our students We Encourage,  instruct, teach student in the field of Art and conduct competitions.



Karatay Competition


        A simple Strike to the throat or eye can disable the most dominant aggressive attackers in the seconds. This course teaches you how to stay safe on the street and look after yourself if the need arises. This course introduces the absolute beginner to self-defense techniques thought by a master in karate.  

Sports Week


       There is the saying that “The healthy mind lies in the healthy body” To maintain the physical fitness we leave that the games are required for a healthy environment. We praise and Encourage, them to participate in sports and conduct sports week


Islamic Activities

Huda high school encourages each student to not only strive to achieve academic excellence but also aspire to become socially aware and responsible who excel in a global society in the path of Islam. With this motive we conduct 1)Seerat-un-Nabi(SAWS) Week   2) Seerat-e-Sahabiyat Week  3) Seerat-e-Sahabi Week 4) Salaah Week to make them aware about the history of Islam.








Achievements of our students in National, State & District level Competition.


       Rangotsav Sanstha is an art center with the objective of providing a stimulating environment to bring out the artistic and creative potential in children and in addition, a platform to exhibit their hidden talents. As a step toward this goal, we are budding child artists to develop their artistic and creative potentiality and to express their thoughts through art by providing the right platform to exhibit their uniqueness. 



  • Master Mohd.Arman        class: UKG

  • Shifa Kounain                  class: UKG

  • Mohd. Rehan Ali              class: 1st

  • Mahvish Anjum                class: 2nd

  • Amena Khatoon               class: 7th

  • Amena Firdous                class: 8th

  • Safoora Tahreem             class:10th




       It is the organization that works for the development of the students and has conducted district-level competition in Karimnagar district. Our school students participated in the events conducted by the organization and stood ahead among all the schools in Karimnagar and the great achievement is the drama on the topic “Save earth-Save Life” on which we got first among all the schools and every member and the audience appreciated the drama in such a way that they requested to repeat in their ending ceremony program.



   The organization has been termed as a moderate Muslim student union and is said to take part in social service and relief activities. It is reported to organize activities for the Muslim youths in order to engage them in peaceful religious activities and to avoid communal activity and sentiment.  Along with this, it has organized district level Science fair in Karimnagar district. Our school has participated and stood first among all the schools in Karimnagar   



Iqra Education Society District level competition:

      It is a Society that has conducted an Islamic talent test at our school in which our students demonstrated their extraordinary performance and overall above 100 students got merit certificates, Gold medals Silver medals, etc. Twelve students were awarded memoranda and Gold medals 2 with toppers with 1gram Gold Coin.



  • Fazilath                                           Class: 9th

  • Samreen                                         Class: 8th


Jamyatul Ulama District level Quiz Competition :

     It is an organization that conducts Quiz competition on Seerat-un-Nabi(SAWS)  every year. Year after year our school stood atop among all the schools in Karimnagar. Winners of the year 2014.



  • Sidra Yaseen                                 Class: 7th

  • Rameesa                                        Class: 10th

  • Syeda Hajra                                    Class: 10th





SpellBee State level Competition:

Our school motivates our students to correct their spellings in many ways. In this regard, we make our students participate in competitions that help them improve their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct English. Our students participated in District and State level competitions and stood atop among five schools in all.



  • Zainab Aleem                                                       Class:5th

  • Isha Parveez                                                          Class: 5th

  • Omar Latifi                                                           Class: 6th

  • Mohammadi Nureen                                             Class: 6th

  • Summaya Afreen                                                 Class:7th

  • Asra Naaz                                                            Class: 7th

  • Adiba Fathima                                                      Class: 8th

  • Saniya Nureen                                                      Class: 8th

  • Hajra Naaz                                                           Class: 8th

  • V.Pavani                                                              Class: 8th

  • Sufiya Muskaan                                                   Class: 8th

  • Nida Aleem                                                          Class: 9th








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